Midnight Muse Hat

$42 $88


    To shape, use a steamer on either the outside or inside of the hat.

    Interested in purchasing but we're out of your size? Email us and we'll order one just for you!

    Lack of Color Sizing:

    (S) 56 CM. This is our smallest size in most styles . 

    If your head measures 53 cm – 54 cm, we recommend adding a hat filler to your order, as these reduce the size of your hat by 1-2.5 cm.

    (M) 57 CM. This is our medium size and is for an average sized head. This is the size we recommend as a ‘standard’ or ‘average’ fit.

    (M-L) 58 CM. Is for a larger sized head (or an ‘average’ men’s head)

    (L) 59 CM. Is for a large head. This is our new standard size L and is the largest size we offer in most styles.

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